Maher Group 'M' icon
Maher Group logo - with tagline - with background
Maher Group logo - with tagline - no background
Maher Group - business card design
Maher Group Stationery mockup closeup
Maher Group Stationery mockup
Maher Partners Mug Designs
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Maher Group



During the process of The Maher rebranding project, multiple entities were required and developed to fully express the related businesses: Maher Group, Maher Partners, Maher Partners Assurance and Mast Wealth.

Maher Partners is an integrated financial services firm specialising in accounting, auditing and business advisory services for individuals and businesses. They provide the expertise and professionalism of a CBD based firm combined with a local business mentality offering clients a highly tailored level of service, built around their individual needs.

The partners brought in S2 Creative to create a Brand Identity, Brand Story and resolve the Brand and company naming hierarchy to communicate the integrated offering across accounting, auditing and financial planning divisions of their businesses.

As a founding part of the Maher Group, the Maher Partners Branding is centred around the symmetrical M Icon which features prominently across all print collateral and digital assets. The bold M represents The Maher Group‘s long established experience, with the smaller facets depicting the complex nature of their work, prompting the tagline:

“We simplify the complex”

Variations of the identity were developed for Maher Group, Maher Partners and Mast Wealth: Maher Partners – Logo lockup (with tagline and ‘faceted’ background), Maher Partners Logo lockup (with tagline), Maher Partners Logo Lockup, Maher Partners Logo lockup (‘wireframe design’ for embroidery), Maher Partners Logo lockup simplified’ – (2 colour version for screen printing purposes).