BIC Website: Live

BIC Construction Website: Live

A long winded project.
The Cause: er.. The client.. But wait, we are not pointing fingers,

Really… Let us explain…

Sometimes our clients work on either time sensitive projects, or projects that involve a high degree of confidentiality. This situation can prove a challenge for clients who ultimately do not get images or who hands are tied making promoting their talents, products or services a slower process than usual.

This is the case with this particular client who works with architects and designers on some very exclusive projects.

Finished Projects

Rarely does my client get to properly photograph their work after the build is finished. Understandably, home owners are quite keen to move back into their new home and into their new life. This means gaining access once a job is complete can prove difficult. All this equals fewer projects to use as promotion for the beautiful work they do.

This makes the design and developing of a website a slow process with little content to work with. But it pleases us greatly to announce another fully responsive website launch for a happy client!
See their work online here